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Custom Umbraco integration services from Influential Software.
Connect your website to any system with our CMS integration solutions.
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Integrate Your Systems | Umbraco Integration Services

Unify your business with Umbraco integration

If you want to build targeted campaigns, add useful third-party functions, boost engagement with social media, and allow customers to buy online, then you’ll benefit from our Umbraco integration services.

From back-end integration through to email, marketing, and e-commerce, our Umbraco developers will create secure, real-time connectivity with your CMS.

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Enterprise Umbraco integration services

Back-office integration


Marketing integration

Payment integration

Visual integration

Custom integration

Back-Office | Umbraco Integration Services

✓ Back-office: Umbraco SalesForce integration

Integrate Umbraco with your essential office systems, and make sure information gleaned online reaches the people who need it.

Use our back-office integration services for:

  • Umbraco Salesforce integration
  • Umbraco social media integration with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Active Directory integration for Intranet applications
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration
  • SAP integration
  • Umbraco SharePoint integration
  • Magento integration

✓ Marketing: Umbraco Mailchimp integration

Integrate all your marketing solutions with your Umbraco website and content management system. Keep your marketing targeted and updated with the latest information.

Use our Umbraco marketing integration services for:

  • linking tools such as MailChimp, Hubspot, Pardot, Eloqua, and Marketo
  • marketing strategies and campaigns based on Umbraco site data
  • connection of analytical software, call and user tracking, custom forms, and email subscription services
MailChimp | Umbraco Integration Services
PayPal | Umbraco Integration Services

✓ E-commerce: Umbraco PayPal integration

Integrate all kinds of online payment methods with your Umbraco site. Encourage customers to buy with fast, simple, and secure payments.

Use our Umbraco e-commerce integration services for:

  • linking a site to your preferred payment method
  • most popular connections include Sage Pay, PayPal, and Amazon Pay
  • let customers buy products, services, and subscriptions on your site

✓ Automatic updates: custom Umbraco integration

If the system has its own API, we can connect it to Umbraco. Send any form of data between Umbraco and your systems.

Use our Umbraco custom integration services for:

  • connect systems such as course catalogues and product catalogues
  • automatically update the products and services for purchase on your site
Automatic Updates | Umbraco Integration Services
Maps & Video | Umbraco Integration Services

✓ Maps & video: Umbraco visual integration

Integrate third-party visuals into your site’s pages. Add useful elements and customise them to suit your design.

Use our Umbraco visual integration services to incorporate:

  • Google APIs – Maps, Places, Books, Directions, and more
  • photo updates and live video streams
  • Yahoo! APIs – Maps, Flickr, PlaceFinder, and more

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